A Stove, A Kitchen And Cooking

Food is a passion of mine, and with 5 very different menus needed in my household I am often Queen Of Cook. On any given day I might be preparing a gluten free set of foods, while making another entire menu that is nut free, honey free, shellfish free and latex free. I also have 2 that love their meat and myself who consumes only a vegetarian menu. It is so important that my stove is able to keep up with my cooking and a new stove was just what the chef ordered. I had a 4 burner with 2 racks in the oven and that was not allowing me to cook efficiently.  The increase in burners, and racks in the new oven can make cooking a pleasure again.

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For as long as I can remember I have loved to prepare and cook food and for a few years I even had my own place where  I did nothing but prepare food for customers.  I loved my Industrial cooking range and its 10 burners and 4 ovens.  I miss those days and I miss my industrial range for multi-tasking and cooking in quantity!

Cooking can be such a pleasurable experience and so rewarding when someone enjoys what you have made! I happen to be fortunate enough to have a large family that I cook for all the time and those little someone’s keep me preparing and cooking all the time!  I have been working on an electric coil, basic range for 5 years and one thing I can tell you is that I do not like the electrical coils cooking method and the little drip trays that sit below each one, they are a MAGNET for crud collection.  Recently, my food was not cooking evenly, nor was I happy with the baking temperatures as it seemed to cook a little off kilter.

While this is not the save-all oven or stove top for me, but it is new and helps me get the job done. In the meantime, I am out shopping to find the right commercial-like range for the house and when I find the right one it will have to be installed.

Lavishly living life out loud while cooking menus for the entire family ~ Dana












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