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Shopping is a passion and I love fashion so when I can mix my passion with my fashion it is a home run shopping spree style.  What happens when I shop for brand name clothes at my favorite stores and earn money back in the form of a rebate? I create an income based on my spending which makes me a shopping diva.  I lavishly live my shopping life out loud when I shop through the Ebates site and earn for all my purchases.

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I worked with $150 to challenge myself to shopping with a bit of thrift.  Do you see a deal as a quality piece of clothing that is bought 1/2 off and is name brand or do you see deals that are super cheap as a frugal purchase? This is just ONE of my finds and I bought much more, but look at what I saved on COACH shoes! (salivating)

My thoughts? Ebates offers me the opportunity to earn cash while I spend.  I spent money, but I bought a quality, name brand product that I know will last because the product is known for it’s ruggedness and it’s good looks! The item was also purchased at 1/2 off the normal retail price.  Let’s recap, I purchased a name brand item, 1/2 off through a retail store on Ebates and earned 3% Cash Back!

I buy things that will last, and  a great buy is name brand, at a great price and will be worth its weight in gold if it really holds up to the test of time! My most recent purchase on Ebates had me moving and grooving, shopping, eye popping and enjoying every last photo, image and description of COACH shoes.  I bought my shoes at Coach through  Ebates, I received 3% Cash Back at Ebates and my shoes were 50% off.

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3% cash back! #Ebates

The shoes I chose will function with ALL My summer outfits, not just one, but ALL of my outfits as they can dress up a pair of shorts or just dress with a pair of jeans, capris, white pants and so on.  The soles are durable and the inside lined.  The shoes will travel well, pack well, wear well and I will more than get my money back out of the purchase because they are quality, name brand shoes and one pair that will last!

Why I loved this Ebates experience!   Name Brand and Cash Back and…. a durable, tough, feminine looking shoe that offers multiple uses! My cost $59.99 and I won’t have to buy 5 pairs to replace this one because the soles of this shoe have longevity and are built to last!

Oh, and I have to remind everyone, I got 3% cash back on this purchase, so I bought a little and got a little back! In reality it is $2 more I have to spend on something else I like and after all, spending some and getting some back is the truest form of a shopping diva right?  Have you tried Ebates for shopping? I have searched for so much that my head spins because  Ebates offers cash back on spending!

Shopping can be something you have to do, or something that you want to do, but you definitely need to try out Ebates because you will save money on all the items you purchase.  Remember, the percentage back fluctuates do don’t wait to buy something when you see Ebates offering 6% of more back because you may not see that again for a really long time.  Lavishly live your fashion and shopping life out loud with this great way to make money back as you spend it on all your favorite clothing and accessories!


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