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Finding special birthday products is always a challenge as the kids get older each year as it seems that their preferences and tastes change and often it becomes more focused.  Once your kids truly identify with something you want them to have all the items that go with that general genre but sometimes the products get harder to find.  My one son love camo everything, but he does not ‘need’ things he does however have items that we must purchase and when it comes time to buy these items he simply wants camo.  As we are gearing up for a summer birthday and plenty of travel a new back pack was in order but guess what, CAMO was the only color that would do, so where does a mom go for a quality backpack that can get lots of use and take a beating? To LUG Life we go! I have found the Outfielder Backpack that will offer him plenty of packing room, as well as padding for those most prized possessions and that style is awesome sauce for guys!

As we get ready to pack up for Myrtle Beach and Florida, my son packs as little as possible and the Outfielder Backpack will allow him to pack with ease while not over-doing it. (I am still packing him other items in my suitcase, whether he knows it or not, lol!) My thoughts on the bag: There are 6 exterior pockets and they is a soft-lined pouch just for his tablet, which is perfect!  The other cargo pockets will hold his charging cords and  a pocket that is usually flush with the bag, opens and enables the attachment of a water bottle, which is great for him to fill up on his beverages without having to ask me for them every 5 minutes!

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As you can see inside there is a huge main compartment, perfect for whatever he decided to toss in from swim trunks to tees and everything in between and there is even a slim pockets in there just in case he totes along his math practice booklet.

lug life, backpack, kids, packing, adventure, travel, sports, kids, family, vacations, staycations, reader, tablets, toting, dana, pittsburgh frugal mom

The outside boasts what I find to be very comfortable, padded and contoured straps.  The straps have the camo design on them, but they are trimmed in vibrant orange making it more visually pleasing that just one color straps.  The bottom is wipeable and that is a plus because I know he will set down anywhere and everywhere and I know that I will have to wipe it off.  The material is treated with water-repellant finish so we can dodge the raindrops and not worry about it, which often happens when we are unpacking the car on trips! Dimensions on the Outfielder Backpack:  12w x 17.5″ x 7.5″d.  The bag stores nice and flat so when he is done using it, the bag will go flat and stay under his bed!

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  1. Linda Manns says

    It is telling me the webpage is unavailable so I cannot see all their bags but really like the one you reviewed

  2. lissa crane says

    I would the Sprout Carry All bag! It looks perfect to carry everything I have to cart around with me all day and its attractive enough to carry it like a pocketbook!

  3. Kathy Lane says

    I really love the Lug Outfielder Backpack in the olive camo pattern.This bag would come in handy in so many different ways!


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