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Guess what? My least favorite task is painting. It would seem that even though I am a very detail-oriented person, taping off, cutting in and blending are just not my forte. When it comes time to paint I totally pass the job over to my husband who is a pro and makes the rooms look great. When I paint, it tends to get all over everything including those areas that should never have paint on them, making a huge mess. It would be nice for my husband to have a SideKick with him that was smart and helped out, but it won’t be me, perhaps WAGNER has something to help him roll things out?

We are DIY’er’s and we are always looking for smarter, more effective ways to get ‘er done and painting is no exception.  IF there is a way to paint a hall stairwell, tall wall, or large living area in about 1/2 the time and with a lot less effort, I have to test it out.  This was just the ticket to excusing me out of working with my husband while painting and a great chance for my husband to test pilot having a new smart SideKick.

wagner, sidekick, painting,

Wagner offers a tool called the Smart SideKick which is a multi-room powered roller that allows continuous painting. This means, you don’t have to stop, put paint on the roller, wait for the excess to drip off and use a drip tray, you pretty much just roll and roll until you can’t roll anymore.

The Wagner Smart SideKick allows you the ability to paint in less time without reloading the roller, and it is perfect for those large projects, like family rooms and bedrooms. The Direct feed Delivery creates drip-free and consistent coverage right from the paint can. Don’t be concerned that the coverage won’t be even, you have an Auto-Feed Control on this that will allow for even coverage and provide you paint when you want it.

wagner, sidekick, painting,

There are a lot of different shaped and sized paint buckets out there, so no matter if your paint container is square or round, no worry because the Click Attache Arm will fit any size or shape paint container between 1 and 5 gallons. There is an extension connection which will accept a basic threaded extension and this is a blessing for you if you want to get those tall walls and not drag out the stepladder!

Clean up is a breeze. When you are done painting, just hook up an empty bucket of warm, soapy water and let it run through the unit as if you were going to paint, but you actually are cleaning this time.

Let’s talk about what makes this Smart SideKick.. Smart. The SMART-Flo Pump uses peristalsis to deliver paint from the container to the roller with perfection. THe paint through the self-priming pump is consistently flowing so you are not getting blotches. The pain will not come into contact with any moving parts and since there is no paint in contact with the SMART-Flo Pump that makes clean up as listed before really easy.

My husband has a new Smart SideKick that helps him paint rooms with ease and this one is precise not messy! Wagner has made painting and clean up easy, now if only they could tell me what color to choose.

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  1. Katrina J. says

    Oh boy, which one…. To be honest, everything around here needs fresh paint. I’d start with the living room first.

  2. Kimberly Matlack says

    The question is–what room wouldn’t I paint? No, seriously I would paint my kitchen. It really needs it and this would save so much time.


  1. […] The Smart SideKick Multi-Room Powered Roller will help you with those large and multi-room projects. This has the Wagner direct-feed roller that pulls the paint right from the 1 to 5 gallon container and continuously pumps it into the paint roller. For you this means no more stopping to dip your roller into the paint tray, wait for it to stop dripping and move on, it is absolutely time-saving and cuts down on your clean up time by about 90%. The Wagner Smart SideKick easily attaches to most threaded extension poles so you can get those tall walls and ceilings. Want more details about the SideKick, read more at Pittsburgh Frugal Mom. […]

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